Professional Addiction Services

Recovery for the Busy Professional

Bluegrass Recovery offers discreet and convenient addiction services for the busy professional

Flexible Appointment Times to Fit your Schedule

Bluegrass Recovery accommodates the busy working professional’s schedule. We provide morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend appointments for our executive clients.

Treatment from the Privacy of your Home

What is more secure and private than addiction treatment services offered from the solitude of your home or office? We use encrypted communication methods, a secure tele-health platform, certified HIPAA Compliant EMR, and other high quality privacy measures to protect your anonymity.

Experienced Therapists & Prescribers

Addiction Therapy is provided by highly-skilled Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors (LDAC). Our Therapists and Prescribers have extensive experience treating dual-diagnosis patients with Mental Health & Addiction Service needs.

Payment Methods Accepted

Professional Addiction Services are only cash pay

To further protect the identity of our Professional Clients, Bluegrass Recovery does not accept insurance. Cash-Pay options are available.

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